Audio Visual and Video Rentals 

Audio Equipment

Having a seminar or conference but don't have the proper audio equipment?  Whether it's a small 50 person seminar, or 4 Room Conference for 500,  we have everything you need for a professional Audio and Video Presentation!  Equipment includes but not limited to:​


  • Powerfull Loudspeakers

  • Stereo, Multi-Channel Mixers

  • Wireless Handheld and Lavalier Microphones

  • Guest - Speaker Podiums

  • Heavy-Duty Loudspeaker and Microphone Stands

  • Electrical Cables and Power Strips

  • Miles of High Quality Audio and Video Cables

  • Much, Much More!

Video Production Equipment

Professional Video Equipment is Just a Call Away

Whether you need a high-definition 3-chip video camera to create a much needed television spot, or a user friendly camcorder to capture your child's school performance, Silhouette AV has what you need and we are just a call away.  Equipment includes, but not limited to:


  • High Definition Video Cameras

  • High Definition "Running-Gun" Camcorders

  • Cinema Cameras and Lenses

  • DSLR Cameras and Professional Lenses

  • Wireless Handheld, Boom, and Lavaliere Microphones

  • Video and Photo Tripods

  • Studio and On-Camera Lighting

  • Digital Audio Recorders

  • 4K Drones

  • Portable Editing Systems

  • Much, Much More!!!

Visual Equipment

Make training your Large Audience is a Breeze by Raising the Bar and Showing it Loud and Proud!


Creating a Powerpoint Presentation for your Office Meeting or presenting a photo montage for your child's kindergarten graduation? Give us a call and we'll get you what you need to make it happen! We offer:

  • High Definition Projectors

  • High Quality Projection Screens

  • Loudspeaker Kits with Built-in Multi-channel Mixers

  • Video Cameras & Tripods for Live Big-Screen Projection

"Rent-a-Tech" Professional
Audio-Video Technicians

Now that you have all the gear required for the perfect production or presentation?  Well, how about someone to make sure everything runs as smooth as silk?  Silhouette "Rent a Tech" program allows you to have all rental equipment set up, tested, and triple-checked for safety.


Our knowledgeable technicians can also help during the event.  With walkie-talkie in hand, our techs are just a click away when you need help with any of the equipment. Leave the technical difficulties to our techs and you can relax and enjoy the show. We'll even keep equipment stocked with fresh batteries thoughout the day.


Now that the event is over and it's time to go home, let us do the heavy lifting and break it all down and bring it all back.


  • Equipment Delivery

  • Set-up with Safety in Mind - We will tape down all cables

  • Day Of Service - Technical Aid, Troubleshooting, & Battery Changes

  • Break-Down - We will leave no mess behind

  • Equipment Pick-Up

  • All Day Packages Available.  Call for Pricing.

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