Additional Video Services...

From weddings and live events to teacher training videos and school performances, give our studio a call when you only have one chance to get it right. Silhouette AV offers customizable packages for all budgets.


School Plays and Public Performances


Silhouette Video has the experience you need to capture performanes right. We use two cameras and capture live board feed and ambient audio for that perfect mix of sight and sound. Videos are professionally edited with opening titles, origional recorded voice and music, and closing credits. Discs are can be paid for by parents or directors.


Weddings and Live Events


Silhouette AV has been capturing weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, wedding rehearsals and receptions, and other live events for over 20 years.  We use no contractors; all staff is on payrol and ready to capture your event the way it was meant to be. We offer packages for all budgets.  Options include Cinema, Simple Video, and Simple Cinema. No extras unless you want them and discs are ALWAYS included.  When you only have one chance to get it right give us a call.


Promotional Videos for Self or Business


Silhouette AV is the official production company for three cable networks from Boston to Buffalo.  We have experience producing television commercials, product and safety demonstration videos, commercial promotional videos, as well as HR and Staff Training Videos.


Real Estate and Venue Tours


Selling your home or condominium or trying to find perspective renters for a new apartment building? Well forget the photographs and give your potential new clients a video tour and bring your advertising to life!  Drones for sky-view and steady devices for walk-throughs available.


Duplication and Transfer


Whether you need 50 or 5000 copies. DVD, Bluray, hard drive, or thumb drive duplication. Silhouette AV can print what you need when you need with customized on-disc labeling.


Sporting Events & Recruitment Videos


Is your child applying for a scholarship or trying to get into professional sports? Let our experienced staff help by providing you with a video to show off his or her special skills.


Photo and Video Montage


Provide us with the still photographs, video, music, and information for titles and we will provide you with a video you will be proud to present to your friends and family. Loop versions available to avoid "restarts" in a set-it and forget-it presentation situation.


Law Deposition Videos


Let our team capture your most important law depositions using our unobtrusive yet sensitive audio and video equipment.  Your  team has only get one chance to get this right, so leave the responsibility to our team.


Teacher Training Videos


Silhouette Video has been filming in the charter school system for over 7 years through the Northeast region of the United States including cities in in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  Our exerience includes, but is not limited to,  capturing teachers in classroom situations, Professional Development training sessions, new school year children's training, new teacher training, school leader meetings, program promotional videos.


Music Videos


Have a band and you want an official music video? Sihouette AV can created music videos for any scale or budgets. Both High Definition audio and video equipment used to create your favorite music video.



LIve kara'oke for your event!


Other Services


  • Audio Video Training

  • After School Program and Film Camp Videos

  • Personal, Small, and Large Group Consulting

  • and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

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